What makes Britt&Bo Different from Those Other Online Sites?


Welcome to my first blog post! I wanted to provide you some insight as to what makes Britt&Bo COMPLETELY different from other websites that sell similar merchandise. Most baby boutiques handle orders by what is called “drop shipping.” In essence, what this means is that you place an order with said boutique and they process it (this takes several days), next they contact their manufacturer and advise them to ship the order to you. The huge problem with that is they generally ship from outside the US which means it could potentially take several weeks to get your order. This also means the boutique hasn’t taken the time to inspect your order and has no control over the quality or the shipping time.

Here is why Britt&Bo is completely different. I have all of my products in-house. I only work with one manufacturer, whom I completely trust to provide a great quality product. I also inspect all the merchandise before I ship it out. I inspect everything to verify the sizing is as true-to-size as possible. If the sizing runs smaller or larger, I make sure to suggest sizing up or down. I always ship orders out within 24 hours of purchase so there is never a long wait to receive your merchandise.

I am so excited that you have chosen to read my blog and to check out my “baby,” Britt&Bo. It means so much to me and I hope you choose to come along with me on this journey!