What are “Trendy Baby Clothes,” and Why You Need Them!


What exactly are trendy baby clothes? Usually, that answer is extremely vague, depending on to whom you are speaking. For instance, some moms are totally into the Woodlands trend; others totally rock the Preppy trend. Trendy to me encompasses bold patterns, funky details, progressively designed clothes that are unique and stand out. No matter what cool trend you gravitate towards, at Britt and Bo, we have you covered. We gravitate to various trends and stay up to date on the ever-evolving fashion world. Seriously, we cannot wait to show you what we have in store for this fall!!


As moms, we sometimes have that fear of our baby being labeled the basic baby of the play group or daycare. I mean let’s face it, sometimes us super mom’s outfits are the LEAST of our concerns, so we laser focus on having our child dress with the latest and greatest baby clothes trends. Unfortunately, what I consider trendy baby clothes are incredibly hard to find. Usually, we spend our way too precious time surfing down the rabbit holes known as Amazon Prime or Etsy, endlessly searching for those few stylish outfits in the vast sea of blah basic. Sometimes, you can find the perfect item, only to find the price tag is a kick in the gut.


It’s my job to take all that time you would have spent searching through the thousands of options, and find the seemingly undiscoverable: trendy AND affordable baby clothes. It is a true passion of mine, to find clothes I know will rock the latest trends as well as keep up with the wear and tear kids inevitably put on clothes and your wallets. Sometimes you just want your child’s clothes to fit his or her little personality. Nothing screams “I have the coolest mom ever” like our ain’t no mama like the one I got, tee shirt. So, come on over and check out our trendy baby store. This isn’t your basic baby Boutique. I know you will find something that will make your little bundle of love go from basic baby to on trend! Or grab that hipster mom an amazing baby shower gift!