Nursery Ideas I Am Obsessing Over!


This week I am SOOO very excited!! I am getting a new shipment of amazing stuff while restocking some favorites. I do not buy large quantities of things, so if you love it…get it! I try to keep my quantities low so I can constantly get new stuff in for you guys. I will post my weekly video on Saturday to feature all the newness!

So while we wait for the new stuff to arrive, this week I will blog on 5 nursery ideas that I am obsessing over!

1. Moroccan rugs.

I LOVE Moroccan rugs in any room of the house. There are so many amazing options out there, in any price range! I especially love them for a nursery! You can incorporate them in any theme and they are so very soft so baby can lay and play on it. SO versatile.

2. Vintage floral nursery.

Floral print is always big and never really goes out of style. I am loving these modern twists on a classic. So pretty and really so many directions you can go with that theme.

3. Accent wall.

This is the single biggest regret I have with Bodie’s nursery; I should have done an accent wall! I AM OBSESSED with accent walls. I feel like they add another layer of interest in the nursery and it can be done pretty inexpensively.

4. DIY mobiles.

Mobiles are really the centerpiece of a nursery and I love the idea of a DIY mobile. I personally could never DIY anything, but my husband is super artsy and I would have loved to see what he could have done with a mobile for Bodie. Also, it’s something you can keep forever and cherish.

5. Unique lighting.

You go can so many directions with the lighting in your nursery. From unique lamps, to chandeliers for a glam nursery, to stars and clouds that light up. The possibilities are endless. You can really take your nursery up a notch with the right lighting.

What are some of your favorites?! Any new trends or comebacks making their way into your nursery? Do tell!

Thank you for reading my blog and visiting Britt&Bo!