Helpful Size Information


I covered this topic in the video I recently posted, but I also felt the need to post it on my blog. A lot of the clothing I carry runs in months, which is pretty self-explanatory. However, some of the clothing I carry is measured in CM. This means the tag will say 70, 80, 90, 100, 110. Here is an easy chart to remember what that equates to in months, and I will label the sizing as months on the website, to make it very easy to choose what you need.

70 =0-6 months

80= 6-12 months

90= 12-18 months

100= 18-24 months

110= 2T

Sometimes something will run a little big or a little small (I will note it if that is the case),but usually everything is pretty right on to that size chart. For instance, Bodie has been able to wear the 100 CM perfectly for as long as he has been 18-24 months, and can still wear it (he turns two this month), but can now also wear the 2T and has been able to for a month or two now (just a touch big). My good friend’s daughter is also 22 months and has been able to wear the 100 perfectly for as long as she has been in that age range.

When something comes in, I will compare it with Bodie’s old clothes from when he was that size (brands like Carter’s, Old Navy, Target, etc.) to help me gauge how it is sized. *VERY scientific I know*. I will relay my scientific finds via the website, if something is bigger or smaller. However, almost always it is very close in size.

I hope this helps answer a common question I get. Thank you for reading my weekly blog and your continued support in helping me pursue my dream, just taking the time out of your day to visiting my website, means so much to me.