Mommin’ Ain’t Easy


I have neglected my blog for a couple of weeks, sooo here I am!

This week Allan (husband and packer of your Britt&Bo packages, yes his handwriting is beautiful!) has been out of town with work. *Full disclosure of who I am, Britt&Bo is a 2nd job for me, I work at a mortgage servicing company (I have been a paralegal for ten years or so).* Needless to say, my week has been slammed with work, other work, toddler, 4 dogs, whew. So I’m over here tired as crap, and then it hits me, I think to myself *what a wonderful world, yes, but no* I think holy crap there are mommas out there doing this day in and day out, doing a 10000x more than what I am doing in a day, and I just want to applaud that!!

You rock mommas out there!! You are awesome!! You are killing this motherhood thing even on days you think your not. Even on days you are pushed to the brink, you are amazing! You are the world to the kids in your life and there is no greater accomplishment, no greater achievement! I applaud all you mommas and mommas to be ( that’s a huge deal too!!)