I am SUPER excited about this new collaboration with the AMAZING Seila Christensen and her Etsy store, Lil Royal Boutique. I have been wanting to collaborate with fellow moms and artists in the United States to offer one of a kind, exclusive pieces in my store. So excited to introduce you to her!! Here is her story:

Three months after my daughter Poppy Lil was born she received her first pair of hearing aids to help her with her profound hearing loss. I had been researching solutions to keeping the aids on a tiny babies head. There were strange shirt clips and mesh hats, but I wasn’t really seeing anything that was cute and functional. So I decided to make something of my own.

As I struggled with postpartum depression, I found that making bows for my daughter was an easy outlet for me when I was feeling down about myself. My bows started to receive more and more attention, and so I decided to create Lil Royal Boutique in an attempt to share this new important part of my life.

There are a lot of handmade bow shops out there. The difference between me and them comes down to my purpose. Poppy is different than other babies. She will have a cochlear implant/hearing aid her whole life. She will probably come face to face with people who do not understand her and her differences. I hope to teach her to celebrate her differences from the world and rock her hearing aid and cochlear implant with a sweet headband. I want every child who puts on a bow, tie, or holds a blanket to know that they are unique and different, but perfect just as they are.

My shop saying is “Celebrating the unicorn in us all” because of Poppy. We all possess something inside of us that makes us different that anyone else on this earth. And that unique quality is there for a reason and should be used to make the world a better place. So I’m choosing to celebrate.

xo Seila