What Makes Britt + Bo the Best Online Baby Boutique Around


I would have to say, the number one question I get asked on a regular basis is, “What is a baby boutique?”. Throw in that I run an online baby boutique–minds get blown. So, let me take just a second to explain what a baby boutique is and what sets me apart from other boutiques.

I was talking to a neighborhood friend the other day, and he was so confused at what a boutique was. His wife laughed and said, “What? How do you NOT know what a boutique is…we have FOUR kids, three of them are girls?” But it got me thinking: What is a boutique? Essentially a Boutique is a store that sells clothes other big box stores like Target or Old Navy do not sell. I’m not knocking Target because let’s be honest, Target is my Mecca, but there are occasions when we want something a little extra.

How are the Clothes Different?

Boutique baby clothing is the middle ground between designer rack items and chain store clothes. For instance, the same friend, the mom of four, told her husband that when she drops off her children at the daycare in the morning, she can usually spot about 4-5 kids wearing the same outfit from a big box store. Sometimes she wants her children to look a little different than the preschool crowd and grabs baby boutique outfits, so her kids stand out. She loves my boutique because she can dress her children in adorable outfits for a great price, and usually recycle those clothes to her younger kids at least once or twice. I help take kids from basic baby to boutique fabulous.

How Does a Boutique Help Parents?

We all know being a parent is time-consuming. Kids grow overnight, and suddenly outfits that fit your little man last weekend have him looking like an Animal House cast member the next. You can spend hours and hours looking through items and only find cute and quality items every once in a while. Have you ever typed in “rompers” into the search bar on Amazon? You will be hit with THOUSANDS of rompers, to then which you have to weed through to find what you want.

Next thing you know, you are Alice and have fallen through the rabbit hole known as Amazon or Etsy search, and your most valuable item as a parent, time, is wasted. The great thing about my store is that I am the one taking all that time to search for trendy and quality items, so all you have to do is come to my store and pick from a smaller selection of stylish outfits.

Some people are a little skeptical of an online boutique. How do you know I am a legitimate person or will send the items I list? Well, I am always a message away! If you contact me via email or Instagram, I will get back to you ASAP. Also, assuage your fears by looking through my insta feed. Hundreds of happy customers routinely tag me in pictures of their adorable babies in our clothes. Y’all know I am always upfront and honest with you about who I am as well as how I run my business. Also, one positive from shopping in my store, you are primarily shopping small, meaning you are supporting local families. Every purchase from my store goes to my son’s swimming lessons or groceries.

What Makes Me Different than Other Online Baby Boutiques

If you search for baby boutiques, the main items that pop up are virtual platform stores. What do I mean by virtual platform? Businesses like Amazon and Jane are platforms that connect buyers and sellers; think of it as a giant market, and each seller has his or her booth. You get to peruse different booths until you find something you like. However, your experience is directly related to the seller you purchase from.

For instance, you may buy something, and it takes 4-5 weeks to arrive, and the seller is not communicative with you at all. Your friend may purchase an item and have it in her mailbox within four days. You take a risk with each purchase. In my store, you know without a doubt you are getting a quality AND popular item processed and shipped to you in 2-4 business days.

Also, as I mentioned above, you have to wade through all kinds of items you have ZERO interest in to hunt what you are looking for. In my store, I have everything organized by gender and clothing type, so you spend your precious time looking at items that you actually needed.

Going back to my friend and her confused husband, once we explained all of this to him, he walked away content that his kids were dressed well and his wallet wasn’t taking a sucker punch. She continues to purchase from me, and her children look amazing in their boutique finds. It was a win-win situation. Now that you have finished reading this post hop on over to my store and see what you can find.