Always 100% Real With You


I have neglected my blog lately, so I thought what a perfect time to share what’s been on my heart! I am an open book, and just wanted to let you all into my life, who I am, what I do!

My name is Brittney Burdette Gomez and I live in Anderson, South Carolina with my husband, Victor, and son, Bodie. I started BrittandBo after doing many hours of research while lying in bed (wide awake at 8pm, with a co-sleeping baby).

This is what I found. People want trendy, unique baby stuff, and they don’t want to pay an arm and a leg! They want it delivered fast, and most importantly, they don’t want cheap s**t! Makes sense – that’s exactly what I want as a momma shopper, too!

So while looking at the competition, this is what I found were the top complaints from “boutique” websites/sketchy apps (looking at you, WISH, the big A, etc.):

  1. Stuff shipped straight from China
  2. Poor quality
  3. Wrong sizing
  4. Weeks long delivery
  5. Horrible returns/customer service!

Yikes!!! Sounds bad!

Here is where my hours of research makes me different: I care about y’all plus I respect y’all and your hard-earned money! Yes, some of my non-collaboration pieces are manufactured overseas. Yes, it is amazing quality, especially for the price! Yes, my son has all the boy stuff, and I product test the heck out of it! Why? How? I spent countless days and nights finding ONE manufacturer that I trust. I work directly with them, and they send me only the best. There are a lot of scammers, especially overseas and here in the U.S. too, who love to take advantage of hard working people. It is so sad! That’s why I only have one “go to” on the up and up. I check every single item that comes in for imperfections and proper seams, etc. Plus, I check all the sizing against Old Navy stuff in that size (Old Navy sizing is almost exactly the same) and put the sizing correctly on the website! Too often those sketchy scammers will send you the wrong size either because they suck at sizing properly, or they are out of the size you need, but still want your hard-earned cash (personal experience before I started this shop).

I ship my stuff out the next day from my home in South Carolina. You get your stuff in days! Plus I think I am pretty awesome at customer service and would never harass you about returning something!

This is not my profession, this is my hobby that I am so passionate about! I work full time as a corporate paralegal, so I assure you I price things fairly and honestly. I’m not laying on a gold bed made of baby booties 🙂

I hope this is insightful for you and lets you in to who I am and what I am about!